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For all musicians, there is a time to record their music. This time might be a recurring event for experienced, or professional musicians, or it might be that it is your first experience with recording studios. Whatever your situation, there are some basic steps that assist you in achieving the best result in the studio.
Why are you recording?

This is an important question to have a succinct answer to. When you eventually are in the recording studio, the engineer will need to have an idea of your expectations for the production. This is simply because he or she will need to know if there are any budget limitations, and what overall purpose you need the recording. There is a big difference between a "demo" recording and a "master" recording, and typically the cost factors are so different based on the amount of labor time involved, that you will want to make sure you have a defined purpose for your recording, or you will be disappointed.

There are so many activities that should pre-empt the recording process, and you need to understand the purpose of the recording sessions you are about to undertake, to ensure that you have done the right amount of preparation. Let's look at the variety of reasons why musicians end up in recording studios.
Let's say that you have just finished writing that killer tune and you want it recorded. Well if your goal is to record it for your own purposes, then I guess the amount of money you are willing to spend on its recording is the only limitation. Realistically, you probably want to get a good quality recording, but you are not looking for the ultimate in production in these circumstances. However if you are looking at recording it for other people, then you might need a "demo" of your music.
A demo represents a high quality recording, but predominately to demonstrate your ability to write and/or perform music. This demo typically represents a limited time in the recording studio, and varies depending on the experience of the artist and the experience of the engineer. Most demo sessions (which usually are based on recording 3 or so songs) take around the 15 hour mark (for a band). This would be the goal, assuming that the band is well rehearsed and ready for the recording.
'Lost River Records' is committed to providing the best sounding music and voice possible. If your needs are to represent your talents as a song writer or musician or as a working band; a demo would most often suffice. We offer the highest quality in Demo service for the singer/songwriter and/or the soloists or for a band demo.

"If you hit a wrong note, then make it right by what you play afterwards."  
Joe Pass / Jazz Guitar


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