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What Can Lost River Records Do For You?

Recording Studio Services: The LRR Recording Studio, a professional recording facility, is a studio designed with the independent artist in mind. We handle artists from all over the Idaho area as well as beyond. We at LRR have developed a place where the artist can grow their musical vision. You no longer have to search for that just right place to record. LRR is the right place because we understand the heart of music and the structure of sound. We also understand where you want to go with your music. Our endeavor is to give you the best chance to get there. Our recording format is a marriage of Digital technology and the Analog process. Our results are top sounding projects that will stand up to any big company recording anywhere. The LRR Recording Studio is the place where your music really lives.
CD Duplication Service: We are proud to provide a service that is painless but professional in manufacturing your music CDs; and we do it at a very affordable rate. Our service is simple, fast and efficient. You get full-color front and back panel insert and tray card, full color thermal printed CDs, fully assembled, Shrink-wrapped, retail-ready products with free UPC bar codes (if needed). We manufacture your product to high-quality retail specifications allowing you to sell your CDs at Online and Offline retail outlets. You get reasonable turnaround time for your order (usually 5-7 days), and on re-orders you can have your product in about 4 days. You can order quantities of 25, 50, 100, 500 or more. You'll find that we have some of the most economical prices around, and the quality is second to none.
Song production for those who write lyrics or poetry but not music or those who write music but not lyrics. And co-writing with those who get a good idea but can't quite bring it to the finish. We will also be offering publishing on your song, music or poetry, in the near future.
Song Writing tips for the Seasoned Professional or first time songwriter, these common sense yet often over looked facts about the difference between a mediocre song and a hit song is something all writers can benefit from. Genre, Song Structure, (The Hook), Ryhming Rules, Correct Metering, Chord Arrangments, and Story Line, are just a few things covered in these lessons. Plus some advice J.R. received from some of the best writers in Nashville.
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"Rock & Roll is the physical thing that just comes out of you .. the other stuff you have to sit down and learn .. once you learn scales and chord progressions, you can make up your own versions"  - Brian Setzer

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